The CAISO Market Results Interface (CMRI) is a reporting interface that contains private market information, resulting from the California ISO Market processes: MPM, IFM, RUC, and HASP. This includes Schedules and awards, resource-specific prices, default and mitigated bids, unit commitments, and instructions.

In this training module, you will learn:

  • How to view data online.
  • How to navigate the CMRI application.
  • How to search your report results.
  • How to download reports in various file formats.


This training module assumes that you are familiar with the roles and responsibilities of a Scheduling Coordinator. Specifically, it is assumed that you:
  • Are familiar with the California ISO market data.
  • Have acquired the necessary security certificates and passwords.
  • Have access to the California ISO Portal.
  • Use Internet Explorer 6.x or higher.
  • Understand how to use the market data once acquired.

Try It!

Where you see the Try It! boxes, you can click on the images to interact with a Flash animation. These interactive media files prompt you with help bubbles so that you can virtually try parts of the application and experience how the actual application works.

Try It!