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  • Components of an economic curve
  • Nature of supply and demand curves
  • Types of capacity products
  • Difference between energy and capacity
  • Participant submitted data criteria
  • How the inputs are used in the DAM
  • DAM Timeline
  • Three DAM processes
  • CAISO forcasted demand
  • Schedules to resolve system constraints
  • Resolve CCR constraints in ACR
  • RMR Units
  • Clears bid-in supply with bid-in demand
  • Ancillary Service Awards
  • CAISO and Self commitment
  • Procures capacity in the Real-Time Market
  • Resource Adequacy Obligations

  • CAISO Market Results Interface (CMRI)
  • LMP for energy and shadow prices for AS
  • System Marginal Energy Cost (SMEC)
  • Marginal Cost of Congestion (MCC)
  • Marginal Cost of Losses (MCL)
  • Day-Ahead LMP
  • Load Aggregation Points
  • Ancillary Services Marginal Price
  • Summary of the Day-Ahead Market process
  • Tariff sections and other references
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